All that you need to know before buying your next pair of shoes!

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Choosing a shoe is an art. Earlier it was much easy to grab your next pair of shoe as there were very few options to choose from. But now the story has changed! You go to a store viewing the amount of shoe varieties and go blank staring at the wall. Deciding the best shoe for easy active wear is a draining task.

If you exercise regularly or new to this “highly beneficial” habit, remembering a few points can make running enjoyable or worse with blisters and bruises.

First of all, let us look at the active wear shoe varieties available in the market:

  • Neutral: These shoes are designed for exercisers who have a normal pronation and those who “underpronate”. Underpronators in particular should look for well-cushioned running shoes. (Pronation refers to the natural side-to-side movement of the foot as you walk or run.)
  • Support: These types of shoes offer some support for overpronation reduction but they still have the same cushioning as neutral shoes.
  • Motion Control: These shoes provides excessive support for heavy overpronators.
  • Trail: If you are running off road, go for these types of shoes.
  • Lightweights: These shoes can be supportive or neutral but in both cases, they are designed for use in quick exercise motions.
  • Racers: These shoes are designed exclusively for racing or ultra-fast training. Although these shoes are very light, they offer limited protection. However, some of them include overpronation support.

    Always go for comfort and enjoy the exercise. Remember, staying active and fit can make you look younger and keep your heart healthy! Invest in the best lightweight shoe to enjoy the sprint!

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