Sküze footwear represents more than three years of designing, engineering, and testing. We set out to make the most comfortable shoe the world has known. We invite you to explore how we created a lifestyle shoe with ultimate lightweight comfort.


A lifestyle shoe should feel amazing. Our goal is to produce footwear that feels as if you're wearing nothing at all. To accomplish this, we use the highest quality, lightweight, and durable materials to create a shoe weighing an incredible 5.5 oz or less, all the while without sacrificing support or durability.

• Ergonomic design: Contour molded footbed supporting natural foot mechanics.

• Breathable: Porous Sküzeprene material maximizes air flow.

• Reinforced support: Outer Sküzeprene covering provides a stretchy, snug fit.

• Easily slip on/off: With or without laces, Sküze's feature a smooth stretch foot opening to quickly and easily slip them on or off.


Skuze was designed to sustain your feet regardless of where your day takes you. That's why we put special attention to enhance how Sküze's mid and outer soles meet the road. The bottom of every Skuze shoe was designed with a focus on comfort, ergonomics, perspiration, natural foot mechanics, and impact absorption.

• Reduced friction, heat and sweat:  High memory shock absorption.

• Ortholite footbeds: PU foam with carbon particles to fight odor-causing bacteria.

• Lightweight & breathable: Ortholite's open cell footbed conforms to your feet while allowing for sufficient ventilation.

• Impact protection: EVA-injected outsole provides high absorption.

• Traction control: Slip-resistant, high-abrasion uphill/downhill traction.


A lifestyle shoe should look versatile enough to pair with any casual outfit for taking on life's everyday moments. It's with this mindset that we went to the drawing board to design the look of Sküze's inaugural Miami and Venice models.

Sküze footwear features a classic athletic, leisure style great for topping off any casual attire. Simple lines and patterns provide subtle accents for complementing an array of looks.

Go laceless with the Venice for an on-the-move outfit or opt for casual confidence with the Miami's adjustable bungee laces. Choose from a mix of color combinations designed to satisfy your unique style.

Regardless of where your life takes you, Sküze is with you for the journey.