Sküze Shoes


Whether your workout takes you to the gym, the beach, the park, or beyond, kick off your day with lightweight, comfortable footwear that’s designed with every type of athlete in mind.

Superior Support

Designed With a Focus
On Shock Absorption, Traction Control, Ergonomics, & More

50% Lighter Than Most Athletic Shoes

Feels Like You’re Wearing Nothing At All

Maximize Airflow & Breathability

Conforms to Your Feet for Natural-Fitting Comfort

Easy On & Off

No-Tie Lacing & Smooth Stretch Foot Opening

Eye-Catching & Versatile Design

Simple Lines, Patterns,
and Colors Complement Any Look


*This style features our Zero-Grav Sole -the lightest, softest, most responsive midsole ever giving your foot the plush comfort it deserves.

If you’re looking for a shoe perfect to wear downtown or to the gym, the all-new Soho by Sküze is the design for you. Available in three colors with a specialized sock-knit upper that conforms to your foot, what makes our stylish footwear stand out is the Zero-Grav sole: the lightest, softest, most responsive midsole ever.

The full-length, weightless cushioning is created by combining thousands of ETPU (expanded thermoplastic polyurethane) pellets to deliver state-of-the-art springiness, making each step more energized than the next. Sküze’s Zero-Grav Sole is built for high-performance, providing comfort 3x longer than your standard running shoe. Inspired by the latest trends, the Soho collection created with the Zero-Grav Sole can stand up against your fitness routine while complementing any outfit.

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*This style features our Zero-Grav Sole -the lightest, softest, most responsive midsole ever giving your foot the plush comfort it deserves.

Introducing the new Zero-Grav Sole, the Milano shoe by Sküze has the lightest, softest, most responsive midsole we’ve ever produced! Weighing almost nothing, experience the feeling of bounce and weightlessness with each step. Made from combining thousands of ETPU (expanded thermoplastic polyurethane) pellets, the full-length midsole foam is created by state-of-the-art technology, making each step more comfortable than the next. Plus, the no-tie, elastic band laces combined with our premium materials hug your foot comfortably, providing a stretchy and snug fit.

The Zero-Grav Sole's durable, high-performance cushioning lasts 3x longer than your standard running shoe and provides 4x more energy return than comparable midsole models. The Milano shoe is also available in three stylish colors, perfect for complementing your gym outfit or going downtown. No matter where you’re headed, the Zero-Grav Sole gives your foot the comfort it deserves while letting it breathe freely. We are confident that once you try on the Milano, you will notice the Sküze difference instantly.

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Take on the day with our most stylish shoe. The Miami by Sküze offers both form and function while also featuring eye-catching and versatile aesthetics and color options to complement any look or outfit. Featuring the ultimate sustainability, the Miami is created with superior materials and engineering to create a form-fitting shoe with unparalleled comfort and support.

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Featuring a perforated Sküzeprene exterior, Venice by Sküze will be your go-to for both flexibility and breathability. The shoe’s casual elegance and on-the-move personality masks its unsuspecting state-of-the-art comfort and support. Give the ultra-comfortable slip-on that’s 50% lighter than most athletic shoes a try - you won’t be sorry!

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Love Skuze!
Love Skuze!

I can’t say enough good things about Skuze Shoes. I now own 3 pairs. They are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. So lightweight it’s like walking on air. Also stylish and slip-on so no need to worry about tying. Go visit Ted at Skuze Shoes in Pompano Beach and give these shoes a try. You won’t be sorry. They’re the only shoes I wear!!

— Bonnie F.

Great shoes!
Great shoes!

I am buying my second pair of Sohos. These shoes are very durable and easy on the joints. I have put a lot of miles on my original pair and they are still great. I am getting a second pair now because my old work shoes need to be replaced and the Soho will more than be able to handle the wear and tear while providing comfort.

— T.E.C.