5 Diseases Caused By Wearing the Wrong Kind of Shoes

Posted by Heather Walker on

Are shoes your guilty pleasure? Yes? Well, what is life without a healthy obsession of shoes! But how do you know they are healthy? You might avoid buying those lightweight comfortable shoes and instead choose highly popular peep toes and what not!

You might not be aware of this, but your trendy shoes that look stylish and classy on your feet may in fact be harming them.

Here are 5 diseases caused by wearing wrong footwear

  1. Bunions -  A bunion is deformity in the joints of your foot. You might have come across people with lumps on the side of their feet generally at the base of their big toe. This condition arises when you wear shoes that have very narrow fronts which causes the bone at the base of the big toe to be pushed outwards. People with bunions generally have toes that are slanted rather than the regular toes that point ahead.
  2. Athlete's foot - This doesn’t just affect the athletes. It is a fungal infection on the skin that causes itching, scaling and flaking in the affected regions. This foot malady occurs due to tight and sweaty footwear.
  3. Ingrown Nails - This is a condition caused by the downward pressure of tight fitting shoes. It is a painful problem where your toenails start growing into the toe. Sometimes, this might develop into a fungal infection. Keep your nails properly trimmed to avoid further problems.  
  4. Corns - When you are uncomfortable in your shoes, they cause continuous friction and your skin layers start to harden as a protective measure. You may see round and kernel-like bumps called corns and appear yellowish and flat. These are called corns and are sometimes painful in areas that experience repeated pressure.
  5. Diabetic foot -  It is seen in people who suffer from diabetes. They often tend to lose sensation in their feet as diabetes generally takes a toll on the nerves. Therefore, people with diabetes aren’t often aware of skin irritations and cuts. In such cases, wearing the wrong footwear could result in blisters and sores and they could lead to serious infections if ignored.

Now you know why it is utmost necessary that people buy comfortable walking shoes.

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