Why are the shoes listed as Men's and Women's. And how can I find my sizing?

Our shoes are unisex and meant to be worn by all feet. If there is any confusion on the sizing, note that women's sizing is listed first, and the men's sizing is shown directly after on the Sizing dropdown box.


Sizing for Men and Women: What is the best way to choose a shoe size for my feet?

Half sizes are currently not available for Men, or full sizes for Women. Sküze shoes provide some stretch through our signature Sküzeprene material, which conforms to the contours of the foot. If concerned, a wearing a half size lower generally will fit nicely as previously mentioned with the stretch material. Please take this into account when selecting the size for your need.


Where can I get more information on the special features of Sküzes?

Visit the Design page to learn more about what makes Sküze so unique. Here you can learn about the shoes' design, specifications, and technology that distinguish Sküze as a premium lifestyle shoe with ultimate lightweight comfort.


Do you ship orders internationally outside the United States?

International shipping is currently unavailable. Canada will be available shortly. Please check back as we plan to add this as an option for international consumers.


What's your return policy?  

Any customers dissatisfied with their purchase should contact our customer service team. Returns will be charged 15% Restocking fee plus freight cost, assuming shoes are in original box and unused.


What if I received a damaged or incorrect item?

If for any reason you receive a damaged or incorrect item, an exchange or refund is in order. Please contact us and we will work wit you to quickly resolved the situation.