Why are the shoes listed as Men's and Women's. And how can I find my sizing?

Our shoes are unisex and meant to be worn by all feet. If there is any confusion on the sizing, note that women's sizing is listed first, and the men's sizing is shown directly after on the Sizing dropdown box.


Sizing for Men and Women: What is the best way to choose a shoe size for my feet?

We provide a sizing & fit chart for on each shoes page, which tells how true to size the shoes should fit. If concerned about shoe tightness, its recommended to select the next size up.

For the Miami and Venice shoes. half sizes are currently not available for Men, or full sizes for Women. Sküze shoes provide some stretch through our signature Sküzeprene material, which conforms to the contours of the foot. If concerned, a wearing a half size lower generally will fit nicely as previously mentioned with the stretch material. Please take this into account when selecting the size for your need.

Please note that some shoe styles and colors may fit smaller than others, so pay close attention to the Sizing Charts listed on the product pages, to ensure proper personal fit before ordering.


Can I wash my Skuze shoes, and how to best care for them when cleaning?

Yes you can easily wash them in the washing machine, just make sure you follow these steps: Start by cleaning any dirt stains with an old tooth brush, water and some dish soap, then gently scrub the dirty areas in a circular motion. Next remove the insoles and then place the shoes and insoles into the wash. Clean with cold water. Do not machine dry. Leave them in a shaded (preferably cool) area to dry out. Within an hour or so they should be completely dry, clean and ready to wear.


Where can I get more information on the special features of Sküzes?

Visit the Design page to learn more about what makes Sküze so unique. Here you can learn about the shoes' design, specifications, and technology that distinguish Sküze as a premium lifestyle shoe with ultimate lightweight comfort. 


Do you ship orders internationally outside the United States?

International shipping is now available. Please contact us at info@skuzeshoes.com for the shipping rates that would apply to you location. We strive to offer all shipping options for our international consumers.


FINAL SALE ITEMS... What is the policy?

NO EXCHANGES, RETURNS, OR REFUNDS... as these are Closeout Final Sale items. Cannot be combined with discount codes or other promotions. Please make sure to contact our customer support team with any questions and we'll make sure you are provided with the optimal choice for your particular shoe size and fit.


Why has the Del Marina shoe's price increased?

In an effort to be transparent with the reality of what consumer goods businesses are dealing with, we would like to detail the reasoning for our necessary pricing increases on select items. Due to the long-term impacts of COVID-19, the unrelenting worldwide tariff increases, along with skyrocketing shipping rates caused largely by widespread freight congestion, we have to slightly increase our pricing to match the increases for our landed cost of goods, as they have increased by roughly 25% or about $10 per pair. So in an effort to make the final cost as agreeable as possible to our loyal customers, we will only be raising pricing by a meager $5 per pair. Thank you so much for understanding.


Previous Customer of Soft Science?

SoftScience* exited from the U.S. shoe market several months ago, leaving customers searching for shoes with the same level of comfort and cushioning. Skuze Shoes, a brand that has grown tremendously over the past 3 years, has 5 styles of shoes that provide a superior level of “supreme comfort” that SoftScience* shoes were known for.

For more information on how our shoes compare click here.