Pronounced [ skoo-zee ].  From the inside out, Sküze footwear is designed to love your feet. Made with premium materials and designs accustomed to high-end running shoes, Sküze is distinguished with a uniquely comfortable, lightweight fit.

Sküze’s inaugural line features two attractive, form-fitting unisex styles for casual, everyday wear that look as great as they feel. Available in a range of color pallets for pairing with your personal style, Sküze shoes are currently available for purchase online through Amazon’s Exclusives Program and at skuzeshoes.com.


At Sküze, we understand that the road to life demands comfort. Providing shoes that protect and support your feet with every step of your journey is our guiding ethos at Sküze.

Born from a desire to develop the most comfortable casual shoe ever made, Sküze is redefining premium, lifestyle footwear. Based in Pompano Beach, Florida, we design, develop, and market premium lifestyle footwear for men and women throughout the United States.

With over three decades of world-class shoe design, we are passionate about the art of shoemaking. We pour our hearts and minds into every pair of Sküze shoes. Refusing to cut corners or take shortcuts, we scrutinize every detail of Sküze shoes, from the materials and fabrics we use to how we design its mechanics and ergonomics.

The result? A superior lifestyle shoe with ultimate lightweight comfort unrivaled in quality, craftsmanship, and durability. A shoe we’re proud to put the Sküze name on.