We invite you to walk a mile in our shoes.

On our feet we live life, one step at a time. From the moment we step out of bed until we lay down at night, our feet carry us on the road of life. On average, that road is 110,000 miles (or four journeys around the earth) in a lifetime.

While everyone’s journey is unique, wearing shoes that nurture your feet will get you off on the right foot. That’s our simple mantra at Sküze. We’re a few passionate souls, dedicated to creating one of the most comfortable shoes available.

Three years ago we set out to create the most comfortable casual shoe the world has ever known. Along the way there, we discovered it was no small feat to accomplish.

We began our journey by researching the shoe market. We spent countless hours studying shoe design, manufacturing techniques, and foot mechanics. We analyzed everything from leading athletic performance brands to the low end of the casual footwear sector.

We gained deep insight into what a makes a shoe comfortable. Things like a shoe’s weight, fit, breathability, flexibility, ergonomics, and impact absorption were key characteristics of its comfort level. Further, functional benefits were significant as well, such as the shoe’s traction, durability, odor, and ability to put on or take off easily.

With this understanding, we put the pen to paper to design our first prototype shoe. Combining premium fabrics and materials with ergonomic design, we created a casual shoe that felt and looked amazing.

Then, the real test began. We recruited our wives, husbands, children, friends, and colleagues to join us in putting our Sküze prototypes to the test. The instructions were simple: wear the shoes in real world conditions of everyday life as much and often as possible.

We ran errands in them, took them to the beach, and walked around the neighborhood. We wore them shopping, out socially with friends, and even when doing chores around the house. We wore them on the road, sidewalk, gravel, grass, and sand in rainy, sunny, overcast, and humid weather.

We took what we learned and went back to the drawing board. We created new prototypes relentlessly improving upon our designs and putting them to the test. With each new prototype, we got closer to achieving our vision.

Today, after three years of hard work, we’re thrilled to introduce Sküze – a shoe that delivers on our vision of ultimate lightweight comfort. We invite you to walk a mile in our shoes. We’re confident that you’ll enjoy your journey with Sküze as you discover its unparalleled comfort, quality, and craftsmanship, one step at a time.