Skuze Shoes: What We Are Made Of

Posted by Heather Walker on

Dreams, we all have them. Some people will have dreams for the pure purpose of joy, others will have a dream and work towards reaching out and grabbing it, like a goal. When Chris graduated with a degree in studio art from Florida State University, I asked him what his dream or goal would be going forward.  He said he would like to work for Disney or design shoes. Sure, these are two very different dreams but they require a very similar creative skill set. They say Disney is, “where the magic begins” but something magical happened as soon as we sold our first company. My cousin worked for a shoe company, and I talked with him to see if he was interested in helping Chris design shoes. He said yes, and Skuzeshoe was born! We knew we were running in the right direction because we were doing the running in our Skuze's.

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