6 Tips to Choose the Right Pair of Shoes

We hardly give our shoes the right kind of credit it deserves. Our shoes takes us to places and gives comfort for casual walk or sprints. Often choosing the wrong pair of shoes leaves feet with bruises and injuries.

Now, how do you choose the right kind of shoe?

  • Buy shoes designed by experts: Shoes used for exercise are designed to handle the shock of 2.5 times your bodyweight that is created by the impact each time your foot strikes the ground. For maximum comfort, you must have excellent cushioning in both the heel and forefoot to handle this impact.
  • Get your gait and biomechanics analyzed: Visit a local shoe store to get correct details about your feet and movement. This can help experts to give you right shoe choice.
  • Always prefer to go to branded sports shoe shop. Instead of trying out from less variety of shoes, opt to visit high-quality sports shoe vendor so that you can choose from many casual, lightweight shoes!
  • Choose which feel is right for you. The models of shoes are endless. From racing flats to trail shoes and everything in between choose the pair that will best suit your personal preferences, as well as your environment.
  • Before buying, take a short run around the store to test the fit, function and comfort before you make your final purchase. Make sure the shoe you choose feels great when you move, not just standing.
  • To prevent injuries replace your shoes every 300 to 400 miles. Using old, worn-out shoes is one of the most common causes of injuries. Over time, our shoes lose cushioning, stability and shock absorption. You’ll know when you need to replace your shoes when you feel discomfort in your joints and muscles.
  • Buying the right type of shoe is quintessential as it gives you right support and comfort. Moreover, correct pair of shoes makes your feet happy! If you wish to give your feet the utmost comfort it deserves, don’t miss out on the best lightweight Skuzeshoes.

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    Skuze Shoes: What We Are Made Of

    Dreams, we all have them. Some people will have dreams for the pure purpose of joy, others will have a dream and work towards reaching out and grabbing it, like a goal. When Chris graduated with a degree in studio art from Florida State University, I asked him what his dream or goal would be going forward.  He said he would like to work for Disney or design shoes. Sure, these are two very different dreams but they require a very similar creative skill set. They say Disney is, “where the magic begins” but something magical happened as soon as we sold our first company. My cousin worked for a shoe company, and I talked with him to see if he was interested in helping Chris design shoes. He said yes, and Skuzeshoe was born! We knew we were running in the right direction because we were doing the running in our Skuze's.

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    All About Boating Shoes You Don’t Want to Miss!

    When most people think of “Boating Shoes” they think about a pair of shoes that will keep their feet cozy, non-irritated, and well supported while possibly doing some water related activities.
    What brands are good for Boating Shoes?
    Skuze’s are great as they provide shoes which are non-marking, skid resistant, and quick drying.
    In addition, they are extremely comfortable, lightweight, and easy to take on or off.
    Now, How are Skuze shoes different from others?
    I’m sure most people are used to their boating shoes being the dirtiest shoes they own, if not on the outside then on the inside. Luckily, with Skuzes the insoles are removable for quicker drying and are anti-microbial so they are odor resistant as well. We have had boating professionals test our shoes and they passed with excellence and are now recommended to all boaters.
    Not to mention, they were a huge hit at the Orlando Boat Show. That’s because, there are comfy shoes, supportive shoes, and insole removable shoes all in the boating shoes market but to have a pair that is all of these combined, it has to be Skuze.
    Grab your next pair of Boating shoes from Skuzeshoe to experience the best quality shoe in town!
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    All that you need to know before buying your next pair of shoes!

    Choosing a shoe is an art. Earlier it was much easy to grab your next pair of shoe as there were very few options to choose from. But now the story has changed! You go to a store viewing the amount of shoe varieties and go blank staring at the wall. Deciding the best shoe for easy active wear is a draining task.

    If you exercise regularly or new to this “highly beneficial” habit, remembering a few points can make running enjoyable or worse with blisters and bruises.

    First of all, let us look at the active wear shoe varieties available in the market:

    • Neutral: These shoes are designed for exercisers who have a normal pronation and those who “underpronate”. Underpronators in particular should look for well-cushioned running shoes. (Pronation refers to the natural side-to-side movement of the foot as you walk or run.)
    • Support: These types of shoes offer some support for overpronation reduction but they still have the same cushioning as neutral shoes.
    • Motion Control: These shoes provides excessive support for heavy overpronators.
    • Trail: If you are running off road, go for these types of shoes.
    • Lightweights: These shoes can be supportive or neutral but in both cases, they are designed for use in quick exercise motions.
    • Racers: These shoes are designed exclusively for racing or ultra-fast training. Although these shoes are very light, they offer limited protection. However, some of them include overpronation support.

      Always go for comfort and enjoy the exercise. Remember, staying active and fit can make you look younger and keep your heart healthy! Invest in the best lightweight shoe to enjoy the sprint!

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      5 Diseases Caused By Wearing the Wrong Kind of Shoes

      Are shoes your guilty pleasure? Yes? Well, what is life without a healthy obsession of shoes! But how do you know they are healthy? You might avoid buying those lightweight comfortable shoes and instead choose highly popular peep toes and what not!

      You might not be aware of this, but your trendy shoes that look stylish and classy on your feet may in fact be harming them.

      Here are 5 diseases caused by wearing wrong footwear

      1. Bunions -  A bunion is deformity in the joints of your foot. You might have come across people with lumps on the side of their feet generally at the base of their big toe. This condition arises when you wear shoes that have very narrow fronts which causes the bone at the base of the big toe to be pushed outwards. People with bunions generally have toes that are slanted rather than the regular toes that point ahead.
      2. Athlete's foot - This doesn’t just affect the athletes. It is a fungal infection on the skin that causes itching, scaling and flaking in the affected regions. This foot malady occurs due to tight and sweaty footwear.
      3. Ingrown Nails - This is a condition caused by the downward pressure of tight fitting shoes. It is a painful problem where your toenails start growing into the toe. Sometimes, this might develop into a fungal infection. Keep your nails properly trimmed to avoid further problems.  
      4. Corns - When you are uncomfortable in your shoes, they cause continuous friction and your skin layers start to harden as a protective measure. You may see round and kernel-like bumps called corns and appear yellowish and flat. These are called corns and are sometimes painful in areas that experience repeated pressure.
      5. Diabetic foot -  It is seen in people who suffer from diabetes. They often tend to lose sensation in their feet as diabetes generally takes a toll on the nerves. Therefore, people with diabetes aren’t often aware of skin irritations and cuts. In such cases, wearing the wrong footwear could result in blisters and sores and they could lead to serious infections if ignored.

      Now you know why it is utmost necessary that people buy comfortable walking shoes.

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