5 Must know Shoe Hacks to make your life easy

  1. Remove bad odor with tea bags: Make your life better for both toes and nose with unused tea bags. Insert dry tea bags in your smelly shoes or gym bags to absorb the unpleasant odor. Stinky shoes are embarrassing to the core and you can also use baking soda to get rid of bad odor.
  2. Quiet squeaky shoes with baby powder: It’s weird to walk in a shoe that squeaks. It’s moisture that is trapped inside the shoe, which gives you squeaky footsteps. Try using baby powder to help you out of this.
  3. Expand tight shoes with socks and a hair dryer: When you realise that your shoe is too tight, first walk in it wearing a sock for sometime and then blow dry it for a while. Continue this process for three to four days with each session lasting for 3 minutes. You will notice a considerable change in the shoe size.
  4. Double-Socking: When it comes to sports shoe, it is quintessential that the shoe fits your feet perfectly. If you have purchased a new pair of premium lifestyle shoes online, sometimes you might get stuck with a little bigger shoe size. Use extra pair of socks to cover up the extra space inside.
  5. Use Dwindle pattern: To give extra room and keep your feet more breathable, use dwindle pattern of shoe lace, where the laces of the shoe stick outside. In this pattern, shoelace do not overlap each other until they reach the end holes.
If you are bored with your current pair of shoe, give a lace swap to alter the old looking shoe into a new one. Keep in mind these handy tips so that when the situation arises, you really know what to do! Hacks are life-savers!

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